About Us

Members of our team have founded, bought, led, and sold multiple medical device companies. We've also worked for industry leaders including Boston Scientific, Guidant, and GE Healthcare. Devices we have personally invented, designed, and built are used daily in hospitals all over the world. We work hard, take immense pride in our products, and thrive on positive customer feedback. We founded Blink Device Company to invent and design best-in-class products, which we proudly manufacture in the United States.
GelAuto was originally intended for doctors. With COVID-19, we're opening access to everyone. As a medical device company, our products require stringent FDA approvals and OR-worthy dependability. That same rigor and user-focused design was applied to GelAuto. We’ve developed wireless technology for communication and charging, integrated the latest in electronics with our custom embedded software, and focused on designing a hospital-grade wearable hand gel system you can count on.